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How to Upgrade Your PxMM to Newer KAS Version

You have just received new KAS installation files consist of KAS IDE installer and PxMM Controller FW. Follow the steps below to upgrade your KAS System to the newer version.

  1. Run the  KAS IDE installer on your PC. In this example, I will be running the KAS-Setup-
  2. The default installation location for KAS IDE is C:\Program Files (x86)\Kollmorgen\Kollmorgen Automation Suite. Short cuts will also be available on the Desktop and Start (under All Programsà Kollmorgen à Kollmorgen Automation Suite à Kollmorgen IDE) button. Open Kollmorgen IDE to start KAS IDE program. 
  3. Once KAS IDE has started, either open an old PxMM project template or start a new one. Under Project Explorer, right click on Controller à select Properties to open Controller Properties window. Select the IP address that is shown by your PxMM 7-segment display then click on OK button. To get the IP address assigned to the controller using the buttons on the PxMM controller front face:
    1. Press B3 once, the 7-segment display will flash the letters ‘I’ and ‘P’.
    2. Press B2 once to select the “IP” option, the 7-segment display will now display the assigned IP address.
  4. If your PC and PxMM are in the same network, you can double click on Controller under Project View and it will open the Webserver window. Once opened, please select Settings tab. If the Websesrver window does not open, please do the following
    1. Check settings under Network Adapter Settings and make sure that you are within the same subnet as PxMM.
    2. Verify PxMM IP address.image
  5. Click on Browse button to select the PxMM Controller FW image file to be downloaded onto PxMM.image
  6. Locate the PxMM Controller FW *.img file that is associated with the KAS installer that you receive. In this case, I will be selecting KAS-PDMM-M-MCEC- to download onto my PDMM. Click Upgrade.image
  7. Once finished loading, click on Reboot. This is required to make sure that PxMM is running under the new image.image
  8. Once rebooted, you can verify the new uploaded image now running on the PxMM under Firmware version.image

Note that changing your firmware file does not erase saved programs and/or parameters in PxMM. 

Do not forget to update AKD drive FW as well. Please search for AKD drive FW update on KDN.