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How should i use Kollmorgen PCMM?

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Not so long ago I bought Programmable Controller, Multi-axis Master (PCMM) and now I'm starting to learn it.

I have a task to simultaneously control two axes in real time. 

How can PCMM help me with this? How should I use it?

I think about EtherCAT multi-axis master and motion controller but I never worked with it. Should i use this?

I do not need stand-alone control. I want to control the axes using a PC.

I have two linear axes: the x-axis and the y-axis. For example, how can I draw a circle?

Thanks for your help.


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The PxMM controller is flexible and allows interfacing to a PC in various ways. What signals (end postion, velocity, etc) will be send from the PC to the PxMM?  What information (widget's made, present position, etc) do you want the PxMM to provide to the PC? What is the required update rate for the information transfer? UDP is a good network interface that is often used to interface the PxMM to a PC. Would that work for you? Also HTTP and Modbus TCP/IP are also available.


Good day! Thanks for your reply. I will try to describe in more detail.

I think that the most suitable for me is control PCMM by the TCP / IP with the help of control commands similar to those that I use when working with AKD or s300 / s700 using the terminal. Is it possible?

Input data for the PCMM sent from the PC will be as follows: speed, acceleration and deceleration, end position.

The output from the PCMM sent to the PC should be as follows: current speed, current position and deceleration, current position, and position error if possible.

The refresh rate for information transfer should be as high as possible for the current network interface.

Krounis - Wed, 09/04/2019 - 19:13
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