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how to know the absorbed power or torque from Drive software in AKM motor?

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I use a servomotor type AKM42E coupled with software Drive, for running a fan rotor.

I need to know the absorbed power or the torque of the motor during the operation. It is possible?

Thank you


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There is no "torque" or "motor power" parameters in the drive.

You can take the published Kt constant in the AKM Selection Guide or AKM Manual and use it to mathematically convert actual current to torque.

Keep in mind the mathematical model will be an approximation since the tolerance as stated in the Guide or Manual is +/-10% from motor to motor.

Also note there will be losses that also affect the accuracy of the calculation.

Mechanical power can be calculated by speed and torque.

For an application where is it critical to have a high accuracy as far as actual motor torque produced at the shaft and on the load a tranducer is likely required.

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