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How to issue AKD COMMANDs from Siemens S7-1200 via ProfiNet

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After a drive FOLDBACK ERROR or FOLLOWING ERROR I have to acknowledge the fault situation.

How can I issue a DRV.CLRFAULTS or DRV.DIS/DRV.EN command?

I am aware of the PNU mechanism to transfer data, but how can I issue COMMANDS?

Simply flipping the SW-Enable bit in ProfiNet STW does not reset the fault.


1 Answer

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Use Bit 7 "Fault Acknowledge" of STW1 to reset the fault. A SW-Enable doesn't clear a fault.

For more details refer to AKD ProfiNet Communications Manual EN (REV P)



Thanks for a swift answer. This will definitely solve the fault issue.
However, other commands, e.g. MT-LOAD, DRV.RSTVAR or others, may be relevant.
For this reason, it will still be interesting to know how to issue commands via ProfiNet.
I couldn't find specific description in ProfiNet manual, where the descriptions refer to an address. ,
e.g 2137 for DRV.STOP command. How does this address relate to PNU?

karstenjorgensen - Thu, 09/17/2020 - 11:24
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