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How does a multi-turn encoder function, including roll-over?

Endat and BiSS multi-turn encoders use a second encoder disc that is geared to the primary disc.  The multi-turn disc will turn one line for each revolution of the motor/encoder.  The muti-turn data will roll over at 2048 revs from absolute zero.  The full range between roll-overs is -2048 revs to zero to +2048 revs.  When the motor passes the roll-over point, the drive will continue counting the feedback position as normal.  But when the drive is power cycled, the position will be read from the encoder as it is in the new value range. 


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Leonardo Souza
Hello Mark, 

Have you figured out how to solve this situation?
I'm on the same page, the number of revs from the second encoder disc is dismissed during a power cycle. 
I'm trying to find a way to store this information to after the power cycle. 

I've tried to set the parameter FB1.EXTENDEDMULTITURN, but it didn't make any difference to the value. 

Hope to hear from you.