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How to control two AKD-00306 via Ethernet cable?

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Hi everyone,

I have two servo drives AKD-P00306 and I have to control two phase machine (1 servo drive to 1 phase). Servo drives (slaves) are controlled with a dSpace Controller (master). The idea is to simultaneously manage 2 servo drives from 1 computer and preferably through 1 Ethernet cable.

At first I tried to configure the first servo drive by connecting it through an Ethernet cable to my laptop, then saved the settings, cable out, put it into the second servo drive and loaded the settings from the first to the second. Finally i have 2 servo drives in a "WorkBench", but can use only one of them, because the second is offline, if the first is online. 

Does anyone have any idea how this can be implemented?

Thanks in advance



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Hi Alex

Your idea to do it over "Workbench" is not the right approach, Workbench is used to configure and tune the drive not to control it as you like to do. 

Now, the question is, what did your two axis have to do. Is it a synchronized high complex movement, then you have to think about to use an EtherCat Master to do the synchronization. 

Perhaps you have other Fieldbus on your controller, CanOpen is a standard on the AKD, here how to start.

If not, you can use the analog input as command source or you can define a digital input to start a movement

If you have not that complex movement, you can do it  over Modbus TCP or Telnet.

And as a last option, if the second axis have to follow the first one, you can do an electronic gearing and the second drive will follow the first one.





Thanks Martin. You helped me a lot. The method "the analog input as command source" i have tested, it works perfect. Now i have to test another method on control in mode "master-slave".

So, i have connected 2 drives with each other through X9-ports (encoder emulated outputs). One should work as a "master", another one - as "slave". The primary feedback signal i receive from an external encoder, which is connected to "master"-drive through X10-port. And what should i do next? Should i work with this method "define a digital input" or with this one "electronic gearing"?

Thank you in advance for your help

Alex_Logan - Mon, 02/17/2020 - 02:33

Hi Alex
you will find the instruction in the following two videos video1 the leader ( ) and video2 the follower ( ) it explains you exactly what to do.


Martin Zimmermann - Mon, 02/17/2020 - 02:43

Thank you very much Martin!

Alex_Logan - Mon, 02/17/2020 - 02:44
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