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How to Capture and Use EtherCAT Trace Data with WireShark

There is a general miss understanding about EtherCAT. EtherCAT is a transport tool only. We use it to carry data from a CNC (PLC, EtherCAT master) to the drive. CanOpen over EtherCAT (CoE), CanOpen is the actual protocol that commands the drive.

In my experience, the EtherCAT part of the fieldbus works 99% of the time. Most Customers’ issues are with the setup of CanOpen. What data is needed for Interpolated Position or Cyclic synchronous position? How do I setup to read the motor torque?

And the most frustrating issue is troubleshooting why it doesn’t work? Is the problem in the CNC or in the drive? Who can tell me what is wrong? How do I collect the needed data so someone can help me?

So, my objective is to outline a simple way to collect the CoE traffic, between the CNC and the drive, so it can be emailed to Kollmorgen technical support.