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How to calculate heating value & starting torque etc of TBM-12913-B Motor?

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Good day to guys

we have examined the catalog and have some additional questions.


  1. Starting Torque
  2. Starting Current
  3. Starting Time
  4. Heating Value
  •  Please let me know how to calculate this values. or you have some information please let me know. they are neccessary T_T



1 Answer

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All four (4) of your questions are specific to your application.  The load characteristics, voltage, defined servo drive programming and required move profiles (acceleration, decel, etc) determine current requirements/torque, time and heating. (How you incorporate a frameless TBM motor into your machines, the materials chosen, etc all affect how well the motor dissapates heat, etc.

1.  Contact Kollmorgen in Korea for direct assistance with your application.  On our web site, I see their information as:


Bundang Inteligy1, 25-1
Jeongja-dong, Bundang-gu
Seongnam-city, Kyunggi-do
Zip Code: 463-847

[email protected]
+82- 31- 784- 8970


2. Our sizing and selection software is located here, and this is likely what will be utilized to select/confirm motor(s) and servo drives to support your specific requirements.  Motioneering is at:

Technical Support | Kollmorgen | Service and Support Center



This question has been answered and is now closed. If you have further questions, please contact Kollmorgen Support or open a new question.

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