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Isabel S's picture
Isabel S
6 days 9 hours ago

Kollmorgen Corporation (“Kollmorgen”) declares that the AKD2G drives have memory devices as shown in the table below.  The non-volatile memory that may contain user settings and data may be cleared as indicated.

Stefano Giacomelli's picture
Stefano Giacomelli
1 month 3 weeks ago

This is a guide to configure the PROFINET IRT communication in between the CPU S7-15xxTx-PN and the AKD2G-SPP PROFINET. The result is to manage both axes by means of the Technology Objects that the PLC provides.
The axes will be configured in Velocity Mode and the PLC will handle the position loop control. For that the ProfiDrive Telegram 3 will be used inside the PROFINET I/O data.

Will Hulbert's picture
Will Hulbert
2 months 3 weeks ago

AKM motors that have Speedtec ready connectors when paired with a 2G cable, which have Speedtec connectors, must have the motor O-ring removed for the two to pair completely.  The motor O-ring will cause interference with the Speedtec locking mechanism on the cable connector.  Once the O-ring has been removed from the AKM the 2G cable will fully connect with the AKM motor connector.

Will Hulbert's picture
Will Hulbert
2 months 3 weeks ago

A gantry system consists of two motors sharing a load with minimal wasted energy used in opposing each other.  This document is an attempt to help with setup and use of the Kollmorgen gantry control embedded in the AKD2G two-axis drive.  For the scope of this document, I will refer to the two axes as Axis1 and Axis 2.  Axis2 is the one in Gantry mode.