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18 min 12 sec ago

Basic functionality was tested with hardware or learned over a Web meeting.

100% compatibility is not guaranteed.

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3 weeks 3 days ago
This article provides a detailed description of using the KSM Safety PLC with AKD Functional Safety Safe Stop. The Safe Stop operation involves the AKD performing a Controlled Stop function, disabling the output stage.  The Safety PLC monitors the E-STOP button and drops the STO after a time delay, even if the motor has not stopped.
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Leonardo Souza
3 weeks 3 days ago


Se olharmos para os projetos de CLP, vemos que toda máquina lida com as mesmas funcionalidades. Geralmente, máquinas alimentadas por servoconversores precisam seguir uma sequência de etapas durante seu desenvolvimento:

                I. Inicie um protocolo de rede (se disponível);

                II. Ligue todos os drives;

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1 month 2 days ago


This application note details using the KAS PxMM multi-axis controller to control a 2 axis T-Bot mechanism. A T-Bot performs 2 axis control through a  mechanism (a single belt with fixed pulleys that drives both axes). The T-Bot creates full motion within a 2-dimensional envelope. A KAS project file, and video are available.