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dusty.schafer's picture
5 days 5 hours ago

This page covers the new features, changes, defect fixes, and known issues in an KVB (Kollmorgen Visualization Builder) software release. KVB is a separate software package that is integrated with the KAS (Kollmorgen Automation Suite) IDE and Runtime software.

Information contained in this release note is subject to change.

toddevans01's picture
1 week 6 days ago
Old DC Torquer Catalog for NT, QT, and T
dusty.schafer's picture
2 weeks 10 hours ago

The PCMM (Programmable Controller Multi-Axis Master) Dual-Core is a PCMM 1.2GHz with two CPU cores. It shares the same electronic hardware, connectors, and signals as the PCMM single core model. It has the same features, functionality, memory, and flash storage as the PCMM single core model.

cwontrop's picture
2 weeks 4 days ago

In a KAS PxMM application program, to setup software End Of Travel (EOT) position limits: