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MuratBektas's picture
1 week 6 hours ago

Controlling AKD drives with HMI through Modbus TCP is easy but different panels need different adjustments.This article will help you in commissioning systems where you are using an EXOR Jmobile HMI panel and AKD drives.

After selecting the Modbus TCP protocol, you must add your AKD drive's IP address. Additionally, you should change the other settings to match, as is seen in the following screenshot.

toddevans01's picture
1 week 4 days ago
This application note covers 2 options for protecting the AKD BASIC program from user access.
toddevans01's picture
3 weeks 2 days ago

The following application notes provides details on the use and behavior of the AKD_Torque_Move AOI ( Add On Instruction ).

Related topics are included.

toddevans01's picture
1 month 3 days ago

Since the MT.PARAMS is a string the currently active motion task number is not accessible using that keyword over Ethernet IP.

The following article demonstrates possible workarounds.