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Hiperface DSL

HIPERFACE® DSL (Sick AG) is equivalent to the two-wire RS485 standard with a transmission rate of 9.375 MBaud. The data transmission is synchron to the servo amplifier clock, which can be up to 11.95 microseconds short.

With Kollmorgen servo amplifiers and motors, the two wires to connect the HIPERFACE® DSL feedback are conducted via the motor cable. These hybrid cables contain the 4 motor power wires, 2 extra wires for the motor holding brake, the 2 feedback wires and the required Splitter Adapter.  


Single cable support for Hiperface DSL Feedbacks is available from Firmware Version 6.00 with S300 and S700 servoamplifiers. Firmware Versions from 6.00 can be uploaded to devices S300 (HWR from 4.20) and S700 (HWR from 2.30) only, devices with former hardware revisions cannot be updated.