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G&L Application Notes

G&L Motion Control PiC Application Note Master List

Description Number/Name Most Recent Revision
How the PiC900 time/date stamp on an .LDO file works an000001.doc 16-Oct-1995
Difference between soft and hard bit memory transitionals an000002.doc 17-Oct-1995
Difference between DISTANCE and POSITION moves an000003.doc 24-Oct-1995
Using a time axis an000004.doc 30-Oct-1995
Master/Slave, FU/LU roundoff with RATIO_GR and RATIOSYN an000006.doc 20-Nov-1995
Decoding the date and time data types an000007.doc 02-Jan-1996
COMM900 throughput to a personal computer an000008.doc 20-Dec-1995
Using US Robotics Modems with PiC900's an000010.doc 20-Dec-1995
PiCPro over a modem an000011.doc 14-Dec-2000
The effect tasks have on scan time an000012.doc 03-Jan-1996
Software/EPROM compatibility charts an000013.doc 18-Jul-2006
PiCPro library revision numbers an000014.doc 29-Oct-2001
Analog input module initialization information an000015.doc 09-Feb-1996
Running PiCServoPro/PiCPro on Windows 95 an000016.doc 05-Mar-1999
Drive transformer sizing an000017.doc 16-Jul-1997
Drive fuse sizing an000018.doc 21-Feb-1996
Drive shunt power calculations an000019.doc 16-Jul-1997
DS100/200 drive troubleshooting guide an000020.doc 26-Mar-1998
PiC900 scan rates an000021.doc 28-Feb-1996
PiC dynamic link library with Visual Basic an000022.doc 28-Feb-1996
Configuring ARCNET Card in Windows 95 an000023.doc 18-Mar-1996
.LDO version numbers an000024.doc 20-Mar-1996
PiCPro directory structure an000025.doc 25-Apr-1996
3rd party software with COMM900 drivers an000026.doc 15-May-1996
Running PiCServoPro/PiCPro on Windows NT 3.51 an000027.doc 11-Nov-1996
Troubleshooting array indexing/PiC900 data memory map an000028.doc 28-Oct-1997
Downloading .ASC files to 2100 Series TCS's an000029.doc 10-Dec-1996
2100 Series Executive firmware upgrade procedure an000030.doc 11-Dec-1996
Application of the REGIST function an000031.doc 29-Apr-1997
Tuning Servos with a PiC900 an000032.doc 29-Apr-1997
DC bus sharing an000033.doc 25-Jun-1997
TrueView ladder page change an000034.doc 28-Oct-1997
Converting from a DS to a DSM amplifier an000035.doc 05-Feb-2001
Visual Basic & Borland Delphi 32-Bit DLL Declaration Examples an000036.doc 07-Jun-1999
Running Centurion DSM100 SERCOS Drive an000037.doc 16-Apr-1999
Running Kollmorgen ServostarCD SERCOS drive an000038.doc 19-Apr-1999
Servo Setup Examples an000039.doc 14-Dec-2000
Scaling in SERCOS an000040.doc 26-Oct-1999
Running AMK SERCOS Drive an000041.doc 20-Jan-2000
SERCOS Trouble-shooting Guide an000042.doc 20-Jan-2000
MMC/Cimrex Application Quick an000043.doc


Converting from a DS to a MMC-SD Drive an000044.doc 25-Sep-2005
Converting from a DS to a DSA Drive an000045.doc 25-Sep-2005
Converting from a DSM to a MMC-SD Drive an000046.doc 21-Oct-2003
Converting from a DSA to a MMC-SD Drive an000047.doc 17-Dec-2003
CSA/uCSA Drive firmware compatibility charts an000048.doc 15-Sep-2006
Extending Cimrex Screen Life an000049.doc 14-Dec-2004
Using the MMC-SD Oscilloscope an000050.doc 10-Feb-2006
Start Up and Tuning the Digital MMC-SD an000051.doc 10-Feb-2006
Tuning the Position Loop with the Digital MMC-SD an000052.doc 10-Feb-2006
Understanding and Organizing PiCPro Files an000053.doc 12-May-2006
Understanding PiCPro Memory Usage an000054.doc 19-Jun-2006
Converting a Cimrex project to Exter KI00256.pdf May-2006
Digital MMC/Exter Application Quick Start Guide an000055.doc 26-Jan-2007
Digital Drive Overtravel Plus & Minus Limits Functionality an000056.doc 10-May-2007
Circular Moves Using M_LINCIR and M_SCRVLC an000057.doc 05-May-2008