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G & L Basic Support Document

This document covers the basic support for the G&L products.  It includes information  on the three different edition levels of PicPro.  Information on the different G&L files types and how to determine what version of firmware being used in the Smart Drives and MMC Controls.  Explains the locations for the G&L documentations and procedure for replacing the backup battery for the MMC controllers. 

Note that in October of 2018 the entire G&L Product line’s obsolescence was declared. What that means is no new projects should be designed with G&L products and in the long term you should start preparing a retrofit/migration path with your machine builder and/or Kollmorgen distributor.
In the short run we continue to try to manufacture G&L products that have a demand and no end of life component issues.
In general G&L products have a very long, standard lead time which is around 16 weeks.
This document was written to assist with maintenance procedures.