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Flying Punch | 14 Nov 2017 | |

Flying Punch

One of our clients has an application that is similar to a flying cutoff / flying shear.  One axis will pull a web of product continuously via pinch rollers. A second axis must accelerated from stop to match the web speed at a specific registration point. A third axis mounted on the second will punch or drill a hole through the web as it is moving. After the third retracts, the second will retract to its starting point.  This repeats at a set distacn

We are recommending PDMM or PCMM for this application.

Does Kollmorgen have any app notes or sample programs for this?  I searched both the main and KDN websites but did not find any references.

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Joe Parks said ...

Joe Parks |

There is an app note for a Flying Knife application that describes how it uses the MC_GearInPos function block to start the slave following the master when each are at specific positions. This is built into the KAS IDE software help, and you can find it by searching for "flying knife" or "application modules." The source code for this project is available on KDN at 

There is another app note and sample project on KDN at that goes over how to implement registration adjustments using the MC_TouchProbe function block to capture a latched position when a sensor sees a registration mark, and MC_MoveSuperImp to make a relative move to adjust the position based on an error calculation.

Tom Watson | Tue, 11/14/2017 - 16:50

Thanks Joe for responding so quickly! I appreciate your help.

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