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File Description 
For drives with increased Memory size only, from Hardware Revision 2.30. Do not load to former drive versions. EN: Release of FW 6.07 for S700 (HW 2.3, 1 STO and 2 STO, all high-current). This firmware replaces the previous standard version 6.01. Changes in this version: Motor Support - support for motors with MPOLES>= 172 (this MPOLES setting was not possible because of MSPEED/SLJSWITCH deadlock). - Function for motor inductivity measurement (CALCML) - CALCHALL function implemented (testing of hall/motor assignment). - Support for motor data base 1.46 (AKM2G) Feedback support - VCOMM limit value extended to 25000 RPM - ramp function (ACCR) for analog position command (ANCNFG=8) - HDSL: Software reset for F04 implemented Fieldbus - PLL command can be accessed via Object Number 1057 - PROFIBUS: CONTINUE problem fixed (no automatically start of motion task after HALT OFF fixed) - Support for BISS-C multiturn implemented. BISSREVOL defines number of multiturn bits. - Pllhub is used not only for EtherCat but also for CAN and Aquarius - (only Synqnet,Sercos and Sigmatek are using constant value 2 instead of PLLHUB) - EtherCat: EIOBUF command for EtherCat mapping values implemented. DRIVE Bit 0x2000 reports support for CALCML and EIOBUF for the DriveGUI. Safety - SFD3 problem at switch on with DIR=20 and Safety card (error F31o19i02) fixed.
Release Date