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Firmware History S400 - S600

History closed on September 2007

Changes from 6.44 (10/2005) to 6.68 (01/2007)

Motor Support

New motor data base 1.35 with support of SFC-DDR and DDL motors 
 New ASCII command for motor data base version MVER 
Support for the BSH motors with Hiperface (from ELAU/ Schneider Electric) 
New motor brake possibility with MBRAKE = 3

  • no check of current and velocity e.g. to shortcut the motor phases via a relay

Feedback Support

Support of the SKM36 and SKS 36 Hiperface feedback from Stegmann 
 Support of BISS encoder from Hengstler

  • read/write digital the encoder data (like EnDat 2.1)
  • motion via analog SinCos signals (like EnDat 2.1)
  • FBTYPE 20 for 5V encoder and FBTYPE 22 for 10..30V encoder

Support analog halls

  • special for linear motors ENCLINES 1, FBTYPE 7, DRVCNFG 256 (bit 8)
  • very cost effective feedback for linear motors
  • no W&S necessary
  • accuracy near to a resolver

Control Extensions

Motion task move in the top of electronic gearing possible (OPMODE 4)

  • ASCII Engage
  • Use also for CAN and Profibus

I/O Extensions

Invert electronic gearing (INxMODE 60)

  • Invert GEARO if input is 1

New ASCII command DIROUT for all digital output functions 
 New electrical brake functions (refer MBRAKE 3)

  • OxMODE 56 and 57

General FW Extensions

More MACROS to use in customer MACRO (PLC) program

  • O_P, O_V, O_C are available
  • Fast match MULDIV function available

ASCII command TRUNS for life time counter in seconds

Fieldbus Extensions


  • motion task move in top of electronic gearing
  • monitor and store online max following error


  • motion task move in top of electronic gearing
  • new PZD 6 for more real time data


  • new IDN 3009 for lifting the motor brake without enable the power stage


  • zero pulse latch for PLC controlled homing
  • OPMODE 8 for drive controlled homing
  • Switch off Synchronisation check (ASCII SERCSET Bit 17 + 18)
  • Digital IO in real time mapping

Changes from 6.28 (08/2004) to 6.44 (10/2005)

Motor&Drive Support

New motor data base 1.30 with more support of AKM, motors 
 Support for the SER motors with Hiperface 
 New command DRIVE to identify S600/S400/S300

Feedback Support

New CALCRK function

  • more precision in RK result

Automatic CALCRK in background

  • activate with BUIDRK

Automatic CALCRP

  • activate with BUILDRP

New command MPHASE2

  • correct MPHASE at the end of homing
  • for more precision with SinCos feedback and W&S

ASCII command HALDIR to change direction of hall signals 
 Support for 24 Bit linear EnDat encoder

Control Extensions

Use of GEARFILT also for electronic clutch 
 Use of table profile for electronic clutch

  • Could use by drive internal MACRO PLC program

New “In-Velocity-Window” signal in velocity mode

  • Activate with ASCII VINPOS
  • Message in DRVSTAT Bit2

I/O Extensions

Clear master encoder counter with digtial input

  • Could use by drive internal MACRO PLC program
  • INxMODE = 59

Option Card Extensions

Current feedforward available for DPR cards 
 Support for Schneider Electric EtherNet card

General FW Extensions

Latch enable reset after latch event

  • With DRVCNFG bit 2+3
  • To latch only the first event after enable the function

ASCII command MTDEL to delay the start of a motion task 
 ANCNFG –1 to switch off all analog input calculation

  • Save mc processing time

Calculation of parameter checksum without TRUN 
 New functions for drive internal MACRO PLC

  • O_P, O_V and O_C are available
  • New multiplication and division function is available

Fieldbus Extensions


  • Latch values could mapped for PDO
  • Start MT while electronic gearing
  • Status information for in velocity window (Bit10 statusword)
  • Status information for synchronisation in OPMODE 4 (Bit15 statusword)


  • Standard Ethernet (TCP/IP) protocol could be channelled
  • Topology recognition with timing measurements
  • Up to 65535 devices possible
  • With distributed clocks synchronization in ns area possible
  • Application layer CAN over EtherCAT or Sercos over EtherCAT


  • 100 BaseT - high speed synchronous network for drives and I/O modules
  • Centralized control model
  • 100 m cable length node to node
  • 48KHz (~20 ms cycle time) update rate on the network possible
  • ZMP Controller supports up to 32 synchronized axes in 6 kHz
  • True plug-n-play - no network programming
  • Node to node jitter ~ 200 ns
  • Robust remote diagnostics
  • Line or ring topology (full duplex) – ‘self-healing’ fault tolerance with 1 servo cycle latency
  • Danaher Motion member of the SynqNet user organisation
  • Up to 255 nodes in one network
  • Drive module on controller

Changes from 5.82 (08/2003) to 6.28 (08/2004)

Motor&Drive Support

New motor data base 1.28 with support of AKM, SBL and SBK motors and Danaher US data base 4.89 
 Support for the new S640/670 Layout 6.03

  • new FPGA program for ballast error check

Feedback Support

Support of the SKS36 Hiperface feedback from Stegmann 
 Read absolute position information in case of use absolute feedback as secondary feedback (ASCII: EXTPOS 2 and 3) 
 Support of Berger Lahr Hiperface motors

  • Read MPHASE out of the encoder

Support of Hengstler ACCURO SSI encoder

  • read the absolute position via SSI (ASCII: FBTYPE 14)
  • use SinCos for commutation and control

New faster SinCos amplitude check for F04 error

  • with DRVCNFG bit 30 set

A quad B encoder used with commutation angle via CAN

  • FBTYPE 15; CAMMCTRL 0x830 for Master and 0x820 for Slave

New CALCRK function

  • more precision in RK result

Automatic CALCRK in background

  • activate with DRVCNFG Bit

Automatic CALCRP

  • activate with BUILDRP

New command MPHASE2

  • correct MPHASE at the end of homing
  • for more precision with SinCos feedback and W&S

Control Extensions

Change of the position loop gain (ASCII: GP) limit from 25 to 3800

  • for position control with gearbox and external feedback

Change of the acceleration feedforward gain (ASCII: GPFFT) limit from 5 to 25 
 Change the default of Velocity threshold for Commutation error (ASCII: VCOMM) from 1500 to 3000 RPM 
 Table profile movement (SPSET 3 and 4) now also for PRBASE 16 possible 
 New Slave encoder filter for OPMODE 4

  • Set with ASCII: GEARFILT in HZ

Automatic calculation of acceleration feedforward for trapezoidal motion tasks

  • set gain with GPFF2T
  • default 0 -> off
  • filtered with tacho filter ASCII: GVFBT

Separate time constant for PI-Plus filter

  • set with ASCII: GVFRT
  • default 0 -> off; then the integral time constant GVTN is used

Additional trajectories could be add in Slave mode (OPMODE 4) to Master pulses

  • for all GEARMODE settings in the Slave
  • activate with ASCII: CAMMCNTRL bit 8
  • additional relative motion task in Slave possible

I/O Extensions

Digital input mode (ASCII: INxMODE 48) to read absolute position via the parameter channel of the feedback while drive is disabled 
 Digital input mode for sensorless emergency stop of the drive

  • INxMODE = 49 for sensorless emergency stop at high level
  • INxMODE = 50 for sensorless emergency stop at low level

Digital input mode to do Master/ Slave corrections in OPMODE 4 via edge of digital input 1

  • IN1MODE 47 correction value set with IN1TRIG

Digital output mode to set output if the Slave is synchronously to the Master (OPMODE 4)

  • activate with OxMODE = 53
  • in connection with INxMODE = 43
  • motion task number given with INxTRIG
  • Ramp given with ACCR

Option Card Extensions

Enhancements for Flash Option Card

  • very fast and save restore of FW and drive parameter
  • automatic download of parameter into drive
  • automatic download of parameter on card while SAVE command
  • error messages for invalid Flash card data (F09 and F32)
  • new command FLASHSW to get status of the card switches

Support of single axis motion control card from Danaher (SAC card) and TRIO (MC302K)

General FW Extensions

Enhancements of GMT (Graphical Motion Task)

  • now longer option card necessary
  • drive do not need to be homed before executing GMT commands

New command for motor temperature warning (display n22)

  • set with ASCII: TEMPMW

Independent maximum emergency time out

  • Set with ASCII: EMRGTO
  • default 5000 ms

Basic Drive Macro-PLC for simple programs

  • drive internal compiler generates executable code (~10 lines code/ms)
  • similar to IEC 1131 structure text

A := B & C ; 
D := E | F | G ; 
D := A * B + C ;

  • several fixed tasks (1ms/ 4ms/ 16ms/ background IDLE)
  • looping/ decisions (While/ IF … END_IF)
  • source code can be modified via RS232
  • use of drive Flash (8 Kbyte) and EEPROM for program and data storage

Fieldbus Extensions


  • save of IDN 32, 76, 79, 121, 122 and 123 in drive EEPROM (DRVCNFG bit 3 set)
  • set analog outputs with ANOUTx = 6 via cyclic Sercos data
  • set digital output with real time control (RTC) bit
  • support new SR600 Sercos cards (Layout version 14.03 and HW version 0x0307) for 16 Mbaud
  • new IDN 312 for motor temperature warning limit (ASCII: TEMPMW)
  • new IDN 348 for acceleration feedforward gain (ASCII: GPFFT)
  • automatic acceleration calculation in position mode (with pIDN 3052 = 1 and MTYPE 6)
  • implementation for IDN 80 also in the cyclic actual data


  • enhancements in CAN control word
  • enhancements for external position trajectory in OPMODE 5
  • new mappable SDO for Analog inputs
  • new SDO for interpolation time

Changes from 5.56 (02/2003) to 5.82 (08/2003)

Motor Support

Support for Berger Lahr Hiperface motors 
 Limited DC bus voltage (VBUSBAL) while loading a new motor to the minimum of act value or motor data base value

Drive Support

Support for the new SR 640/70, Layout 6.03

  • FW < 5.70 cannot operate with new drive layout

Support for the new SR 400, Layout 08.03

  • (FW < 5.70 cannot operate with MMI)
  • full current for 400V (3/9 A and 6/12 A)
  • 16 kHz switching frequency
  • new minimum current (ICONT) (0,2A for S403, 0,4A for S406)

Feedback Support

Smaller encoder output resolution for new S640/670 (Layout >= 06.03) and new S400 (Layout >= 08.03)

  • ENCOUT 32, 64, 128 possible

New feedback type SinCos encoder with SSI data channel for absolute position (FBTYPE 14)
 Supports Hall feedback without dongle for new SR 640/70 (Layout >= 06.03) and new SR 400 (Layout >= 08.03) 
 Zero pulse input for SinCos encoder and new SR 400 Layout (>= 08.03) 
 Improves W&S function for SinCos encoder feedback

  • Set number of W&S cycles (WSLOOP default 5)
  • Independent current setting for second W&S phase (REFIP2 !=0)

New command to change direction of external SinCos feedback (DIRO default 0)

  • DIRO 1: change absolute encoder position
  • DIRO 2: change SinCos and absolute encoder position

Control Extensions

Change of the position loop gain in percent while operating a motion task (GPRED default 100; OPMODE 8)

  • GPRED < 100: decrease position loop gain
  • GPRED > 100: increase

Acceleration feedforward while operation motion task

  • set gain with GP2FFT (new default 0)

Offer of motion task target position equal to the module and value (ERND) 
 Modulo axis also for table movements possible 
 Set following motion task offer homing with NREFMT 
 Set automatic homing after power on with AUTOHOME 
 Updated RDP functionality implemented 
 Updated Phase Angle Advance functionality implemented

I/O Extensions

Set target position for SI motion task with analog input 
 Digital output warning without n32 test version message (0x MODE 17)

Human Machine Interface

Implementation of GMT 
 New Position Units

  • mills with PUNIT 11
  • inches with PUNIT 12

Option Card Extensions

New Flash Option Card

  • very fast and save restore of FW and drive parameter
  • CAN HW splitter
  • operates without PC

General FW Extensions

Generating default values of parameter depends on the saved FW version (RSTFW) 
 Increase checksum algorithm for drive parameter with CRC 
 Set different I2T foldback time constant depends on motor (FOLDTIME) 
 Configuration of password protection (PASSCNFG)

  • PASSCNFG 0: no MMI access to drive parameter while password is set
  • PASSCNFG 1: no MMI SAVE for drive parameter while password is set

Firmware Download Extensions

New boot program 7.2 for all Servostar drives 
 Supports fast binary Firmware download 
 Serial download of FW 5.80 takes around 7 min.

  • 38.4 KBaud and binary

Fieldbus Extensions


  • 0,5ms cycle time with linear and second order interpolation
  • Automatic acceleration feedforward calculation out of the position trajectory
  • Digital CAM switch with speed correction

Changes from 4.94 (05/2001) to 5.56 (02/2003)

Motor Support

Save motor serial number in EEPROM of the Feedback (MSERIALNO/ HSAVE)

  • absolute single turn or multi turn feedback
  • for EnDAT and Hiperface

Clear EEPROM of Hiperface motor for SR600 memory mapping

  • For different manufactory mappings (HSAVE ERASE)

Check of (one phase) Motor-cable missing (F 12)

  • Check in SW
  • Switch of with CPHASE = 0

Wake & Shake improvements

  • For motor with (weak) holding Brake (MBRAKE 2)
  • Define time of W&S status machine (WSTIME in ms, WSTIME = 0 default, then time f(GV) 1-3ms)
  • Define min amplitude (WSAMPL) for F25 check

Drive Support

Improvements of Servostar 400

  • Now same feedback combination then Servostar 600 (SSI encoder input, Rod encoder with zero marker)
  • No zero pulse at the SinCos? feedback (Solved with FW >6.0)
  • No Hall feedback (with or without Dongle)
  • No different FPGA settings (one FPGA program covers all available options)
  • 16 KHz switching frequency (DPWM 1) for 230 and derated 400 VAC max 8 instead of 6 axis at one power supply (max 16 A rms cont), needs new HW Version (heatsink)

Feedback Support

Hall Sensor only (FBTYPE 13)

  • Only for SR600
  • For velocity and torque control

Improvement of CALCHP function

  • Automatic determination of SinCos parameters (offset and gain) for Hiperface or EnDAT
  • With CALCHP V WINK velocity in RPM and angle in degree could be given
  • Permanent store of Parameters with HSAVE

Improvement of SinCos feedback

  • Now ENCLINES up to 65536 possible (all PRBASE)
  • full precision on power of 2 (20bit per rev for non power of two)

Improvements of parallel use of SinCos and Resolver feedback

  • Additional with Encoder follower input for Master/ Slave
  • GEARMODE = 10 .. 17; FPGA = 1

Control Extensions (Velocity Loop)

Cogging Compensation (COGGING = 1) 
 Friction compensation

  • Velocity dependent friction compensation with addition current feedforward as a function of VCMD
  • For all velocity and position modes
  • IFRICT = 0 for velocity zero; IFRICT = ISTFR for VSTFR in RPM

Velocity Observer enhancements

  • Now up to 400 Hz velocity bandwidth are possible (e.g. EnDAT with 2048 lines)
  • Bandwidth is also limited by system noise and mechanical oscillation

Control Extensions (Position Loop)

Increase resolution of position loop (PRBASE = 24 and 28)

  • For high resolution feedback (DDR and ENCLINES = power of two)
  • For homing, internal table move or external trajectory

Increase RAM motion task from 64 to 75 
 Improvement of internal trajectory move with position table

  • Now movement with constant speed possible
  • Standard way of starting table move (I/O, Fieldbus)
  • Standard Firmware with two position trajectory table (SPSET = 3: sinus² table; SPSET = 4: jerk free table) as default
  • Acceleration and deceleration with (c_acc + c_dec) / 2

Digital override for position control (OVRIDE = 3)

  • DOVRIDE = 0: Motion task speed is 0
  • DOVRIDE = 8192: Motion task speed is 100% (default after each boot)

Automatic Motion task start after homing (NREFMT No)

  • NREFMT = 0: No start of automatic motion task (default)

Automatic Homing start after Enabling

  • AUTOHOME = 1 (default 0)

SW limit switch is tolerant due to overshoot (configurable)

I/O Extensions

INxMODE 42 synchronize Slave to Master speed (Input = Electronic Clutch in OPMODE 4 use ACCR and DECR) 
INxMODE 43 synchronize Slave to Master speed without loosing position information (Input =Electronic Clutch in OPMODE 4) 
Operate all digital outputs in 1ms task (OxMODE) 
 Scale of analog output signal

  • AN1TRIG/ AN2TRIG scaling of ANOUT1/ ANOUT2 in %

FieldBus Extensions

Support of Device Net card (Kollmorgen Radford)

  • Beta test now


  • Faster PDO and SDO Processing (>200%)
  • Save of PDO mapping in EEPROM (default off)
  • More DSP 402 functionality


  • New/ Enhanced Functionality (e.g. Stop strategy, Position polarity)
  • Support of the higher position resolution
  • New CNC controller supported (Bachmann, Power Automation, Automation Intelligent)


  • Set command delay for each line of ASCII data (CMDDLY)


  • New function blocks available (Step 7)

Human Machine Interface

Write protection of ASCII parameter by password

  • PASS open access
  • PASSX set of the password
  • Default empty password data field means no protection

Support of Graphical motion tasks (GMT)

  • Kollmorgen Radford

New automatic scaling of oscilloscope data 
 Increase Motion task screen functionality

  • Offline edit of motion tasks
  • Select and copy motion tasks in a table

DUMP & GET with lower priority due to Field bus delay

  • Line by line (MMI option)

Firmware Download Tool

New Firmware download tool

  • Support of direct CAN or RS232 download (SR400 parallel)
  • Support of LPT/ CAN and USB/ CAN Dongle from PEAK