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Field bus sync.. how to set up the PLL correctly in the AKD drive with out getting synchronization errors

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HI there.

Please could you tell me the correct way to set up and get into lock the PLL in the AKD drive.


It seems very hit and miss if it goes into lock or reports an  out of lock emergency message.

I am using CanOpen bus but I guess the same is for the Ethercat bus.

I have currently 5 drives to play with and they all do the same so I believe it is my control of them that’s at fault.


The time between  -- Send 000h 2 01h 00h //enable NMT

And the first sync message seems critical.

I cant find anywhere on the web that describes how to switch on and then nicely switch off the PLL.. ready to be switched back on again.


Just to add.

Some times when I send out the enable NMT command in this case for servo 5.

I get an out of lock emergency message 2ms later.. its like the last error has not been cleared correctly and when the drive is next enabled it signals an error.

Other times there can be a 600ms gap between the enable NMT message and the first sync and everything will work just fine.

Why is it so hit and miss ??

What could be going on. Am I not clearing the errors correctly before starting ?

I send 000 2   81 00   and 000 2 82 00  which both produce the 705 message before starting to load my data up as in the attached file…

Then I send 000 2 01 05  -- enable and then go to send the sync command but most times I get an field bus sync error..

Other times it just works … Why ?  its about 2 in 10 that work.





1 Answer

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The commissioning and diagnosing CANopen systems is beyond the scope of Q&A on the KDN.

I recommend you engage your Kollmorgen supplier/distributor whom you purchased the AKD from

and if necessary contact Kollmorgen Europe for phone and/or web based technical support.


Kollmorgen Europe GmbH

Pempelfurtstraße 1
40880 Ratingen


[email protected]
+49 (0) 2102 9394 0
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