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Fibre Optic


Fibre optics are cables consisting or compound of light conductors, partly manufactured cables and lines provided with connectors for the transmission of light in the visible as well as ultraviolet or infrared range.

The transmission circuit consists of:

  • an optical transmitter,
  • a fibre optic cable, sometimes with repeaters (amplifying and signal generation)
  • an optical receiver.

these elements must fulfill the following requirements:

  • the optical transmitter must deliver a transmission power of –24 to –1 dBm.
  • the fibre optic cable must have a small damping/dispersion
  • the optical receiver must have a large sensitivity /typical -52dBm) and must be broadband.


  • high transmission rate
  • high distance because of low damping
  • no crosstalk
  • no influence by outside electrical or electromagnetic perturbative fields
  • no grounding required


  • Weak point plug technology
  • high manufacturing expenditure
  • relatively sensitive against mechanical load

Possible Disturbance

  • Damping by splices, inclusions, deformation of the core
  • Fibre break
  • Dispersion