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F534 error on AKD with AKM-xxxLB motor

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On an application with 2 motors with LB feedback, one of them set an error F534 on the AKD drive.

I have removed the MOTOR.AUTOSET option and entered manually the motor data to solve the problem, but I want to know if it is possible, through Workbench, to write the motor parameters in the encoder Eprom (and so to come back as the MOTOR.AUTOSET = 1 like the other axis...)

Thanks a lot.

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I see you provided the model number in the subject title. See below for my response.

toddevans01 - Tue, 09/11/2018 - 07:52
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1 Answer

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You cannot program the encoder from Workbench.

You did not indicate if these are Kollmorgen motors ( i.e. AKM ) with LB feedback or if the LB feedback is customer supplied. Please provide model numbers.

Per Workbench Help:


Failed to read motor parameters from feedback device.

Motor either does not have motor feedback memory or the motor feedback memory is not programed properly so the

parameters cannot be read.


Try to read Try to read parameters again by clicking the Disable and Clear Faults button, or by issuing the DRV.CLRFAULTS command. If this attempt is not successful, then set MOTOR.AUTOSET to 0 (off) and program the parameters using the setup wizard or manually set up the parameters. If the motor has motor memory (Biss Analog, Endat, and SFD motors have motor memory), return the motor to have the memory programmed.

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