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Expansion Card FAN

The option FAN Option (S700: F2, S600:FAN) is an electronics, which controls the velocity of the integrated fan depending on temperature measurement. This reduces the overall noise emission of the servo amplifier. The servo amplifiers must be ordered with the built-in Option, the Option cannot be built-in later.

Option FAN for S600

The FAN option card blocks the slot but is invisible from outside. The fan is switched on and off depending on temperature and brake power. That reduces the average noise emission significantly.


Fan off Fan on
Surrounding Temperature < 55° C > 58° C
Heat Sink Temperature < 60° C > 65° C
Brake resistor (internal) < 20 W > 30 W

Option F2 for S700

The option is fitted by  manufacturer to either slot 2 or 3. Option card F2 can be used combined with a card in slot 1 even if it is plugged to slot 2.

The fan is switched on and off or runs with 50% rated speed depending on temperature. That reduces the average noise emission

  S701-724 S748/772 S701-724 S748/772 S701-724 S748/772


Fan off Fan ~50% Fan on
Ambient Temperature <55°C <55°C ~58°C ~58°C >65°C >65°C
Heat Sink Temperature <60°C <58°C ~65°C ~68°C >75°C >80°C
Brake resistor (internal) <20W - ~30W - >45W