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End of support for Microsoft Silverlight, problems with access to webserver on AKM24D

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Let me first say that I'm very new to the Kollmorgen suite of products, I'm looking for a python API or connector in Python or C /C#/Java to access the motors.

In the process of getting connected to the motors, I got a IP address at 172.... the standard one I believe. The problem is that my browser is not supporting Silverlight from Microsoft, since they stopped supporting this in November of last year.

I'm not very familiar with the other network protocols like Modbus RTU etc, so I was wondering if there were some workaround using Ethernet?


Hello. You can use our freely downloadable workbench software to communicate /setup /test drives from the following url ;

If you are using our KAS (Kollmorgen Automation Studio) then the following url is a link also files/example for C# in visual studio in combination with KAS.

We would recommend ethernet generally as you request above.

Best Regards

I Gibb - Wed, 01/05/2022 - 01:13
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