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Encoder error after updating firmware | 18 Jun 2020 | |

Encoder error after updating firmware


I have a S600 drive with a DDR motor (model: DH083M-23-1310, SN: 07DDH083M-679, this model has an EnDAT encoder).

System was working with firmware standard version 5.76, but when i updated firmware version to 6.98 (I need this to install EtherCAT expansion card), drive shows a F04 error when the movement starts.

I have tested previous firmware versions and the problem is present in all 6.xx versions. Drive does not support  newer versions of 6.98.

Did anyone have a similar problem? It could be that the encoder is damaged, or maybe the motor version is too old. I tested it with other DDR motor and  drive works.

Thanks in advance,



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kenny.hampton@… said ...

kenny.hampton@… |

You can try reinitializing the motor’s  Endat encoder by going to the Terminal Screen of the S600  Drive GUI and then entering  HSAVE <Ent> HSAVE <ENT>. Then cycle power the 24 volt logic on the S600.

When using a FBTYPE = 4 EnDat (Heidenhain)

The HSAVE command saves the following variables.



Michael Brown_455 | Thu, 06/18/2020 - 11:56

The Firmware (FW) is to match the drive's Hardware. Drive is 13 years old (07 in the serial number). On the nameplate, what is the HARDWARE (HW) version of the drive?

Look at the KDN site for acceptable HW / FW compatibility:

Max Martin | Thu, 06/18/2020 - 12:27

Thanks for the quick reply.

The hardware version is 4.1.
Drive connected to another DDR motor works correctly with the 6.98 firmware version. I have seen in the firmware release notes that from version 6.xx new features of the endat interface are introduced.
Maybe such an old motor is not compatible.

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