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E33 Error on power cycling PDMM Controller with Auto start

When Auto start is enabled and PDMM is power cycled, some systems experience E33 error. On restarting the application this error goes away. On further investigation, we found that this error is occurring due to the different boot delays involved with the AKDs and the PDMM. The AKD boot up time depends on the type of feedback and the other configurations of the drive.  When this delay is long enough, if the PDMM boots up and acquires the IP address, it tries to initialize the network. But since the AKD is still booting up, it cannot respond to the PDMM commands. The PDMM typically tries 3 times in quick succession while the AKD is still booting up.

This issue is addressed in KAS 2.11. Now the PDMM will make repeated attempts to initialize the network or will timeout after 75 seconds from the first attempt to initialize the network. So this will allow for any system experiencing a large boot delay.

Workaround for KAS 2.10 or older versions:

The older versions of KAS can overcome this issue by introducing a small delay depending on the system configuration before initializing the motion engine.

See below:


The time delay can be adjusted depending on the boot delays in the system.