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Dual Use

The term "dual use" identifies the basic usability of a technology (both a machines and software) as used for both peaceful and military purposes.

For example, drive components used in high-speed centrifuges can be used in both pharmacology and for enriching uranium. These components may be prohibited for export if the civilian use is not satisfactorily determined by the licensing authority.

For Kollmorgen servo amplifiers, the firmware used in the component determines the classification.

Servo amplifiers are designated as Dual Use (ECCN-3A225 in the USA, or AL-3A225 in Germany) when the firmware meets the following:

  • Multiphase output capable of an output of >= 40 W,
  • Frequency range greater than / equal to 600 Hz, and
  • Frequency control better (less) than 0.2%,

The export of these products is subject to export control and requires an export permit.

Request for Export Controlled Firmware Versions

Just as the export of hardware is subject to export control, the export of the firmware that meets the above criteria is also subject to export control (ECCN-3D201 in the USA, or AL-3D225 in Germany) and also requires an export permit.

All requests for export controlled firmware versions must be accompanied by the Controlled Firmware Acknowledgement Form.  Please complete the form provided in the link below. Export controlled firmware will not be transmitted without the receipt of this form.  We appreciate your understanding.

Controlled Firmware Request Form

More information

  • Dual Use Changes, an article detailing how Dual Use regulation affects AKD and Servostar drives
  • Hardware Revision Number (HR), export classification of the servo amplifier coded by HR and Firmware.