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DS4-050 Linear actuator STEP model

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Dear Kollmorgen team!

I would like to have a 3D CAD model for DS4-050 linear actuator type to build in to my appliance.
It would be helpful for me to see the actuator's dimensions in the assembly model.

I'm looking for you answer!

Best regards!

Peter Wittmann
Mechanical engineer

Semilab Co. Ltd.

Prielle Kornelia str. 4/A

1117 Budapest, Hungary

Tel.:  +36-1-505-4690

[email protected]


1 Answer

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The link is below.  You will need a complete part number to generate a 3D file in your desired format.



Thank you for the quick answer!

Peter Wittmann - Thu, 05/07/2020 - 07:53
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