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Driver update from a Servostar to AKD

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  I´m currently trying to set up new drivers from a robot and uses an Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Analog Motion Modules 1756-M02AE, and so far I´m not able to make de software enable working , hardware enable is wired from the axis module but even if I manually enable the drive it disable the hardware enable.


thanks in advance


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I don’t understand your issue based on your description.

What is the full part# of the AKD you are working with?

Also is your expectation that the SW Enable is ON when the AKD powers up and you will be enabling and disabling using the HW enable input?

If you can provide screenshots of what you are seeing in Workbench that would also be helpful.


Please advise.


The drive turned out to be an AKD-P00306-NBEC-0000 drive. He has a robot controller and the AB PLC. He confirmed he is using EtherCAT (an AB master ). I pointed him to the manual in regards to the DS402 state machine and also the article on the KDN in regards to temporarily setting the FBUS.PARAM05 to 4 to allow him to commission and control the AKD drive with Workbench only and then long term turning the control of the SW Enable back over to EtherCAT.

Previous drives did not use EtherCAT or have an Ethernet connection of any kind.

toddevans01 - Fri, 05/31/2019 - 09:37
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