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DriveGUI to s300 connection | 19 Mar 2021 | |

DriveGUI to s300 connection


I'm trying to connect to my s300 (hardware revision 04.20 and firmware 6.01_NDO) for the first time with driveGUI. 

I have tried all different versions of driveGUI.

I use a USB to RS-232 adapter with a female to female gender changer connected to X6 on the s300.


My computer runs Windows 10 and it finds the adapter as COM 4 but i only get ''communication timed out''

port settings are:

Bits per sec: 38400

data bits: 8

Parity: none

Stop bits: 1

Flow control: none

In driveGUI i have the parameters:

Baud rate: 38400

Timeoute: 2000ms


The X3 plug is unplugged on the s300 and the rest is connected, power is on and the display shows P06.


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feralMaster said ...

feralMaster |


dear Oliver, do not use usb to RS232 adapter. Use pure RS232 plug and you will avoid a lot of problems.

I am using orig. Kollmorgen drive hw rev 03.01 with runs with USB-RS232 adapter at WIN10, but next ones are Danaher brand(same S343 as others) and they have problem with them.

Guys from local support told me you use old PC with pure RS232 and no problem at all.

Sincerely Ladislav

feralMaster | Sat, 03/20/2021 - 15:41


Jiri Duron | Tue, 03/23/2021 - 10:46

Hello Oliver, you need to use a "Null-modem cable" with , not just the gender changer.
You can see the cable pinout on page 95 of the S300 installation manual…
USB-RS232 with FTDI chips are proven to work well.

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