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pdf CD Series 5 TypeB Firmware Release Notes Rev7.3.3
This firmware file was updated on 10/17/2011 for Servostar CD drives.
Release: 10/2011
English pdf 23.56 KB
zip CD 6A Outline and Dimension
This drawing file was updated on 3/28/2012 for Servostar CD drives.
Release: 03/2012
English zip 14.38 KB
pdf Mating Connectors for the 10.00mm 393 Pitch Mini Fit Sr. Receptacle Housing 42816 Single Row
This documentation file was updated on 11/13/2012 for Servostar CD drives.
Release: 11/2012
English pdf 55 KB
pdf SERVOSTAR CD Series Firmware Upgrade Guide
Firmware Upgrade Procedures for CD Series Servo Drives. The field upgrade of firmware in CD Series product requires an application program called Ignite.exe
Release: 11/2012
English pdf 62.68 KB
pdf PC840 Data sheet en US RevA 2005
The PC800 family of digital brushless servo drives are the drives you’ve been asking for — the costeffective, small servo with the best lead time in the industry. And now the family is even bigger with the addition of SERCOS connectivity. The PC840 Series of drives are the newest addition to the PC800 line.
Release: 11/2012
English pdf 352.77 KB
null CTP2
Release: A
English null