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DMC2-CPU OK light is blinking

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Dear Sir or Madam,


I am X Tetra Pak Engineer trying to install DMC2 at Tetra Pak machine. I am getting CPU OK Light Blinking when I power ON the DMC2, due to which I am unable to connect DMC2 with my computer and can not download program in DMC2.


Please help me how this can problem can be fixed. I have two DMC2's and both showing same problem. I have third DMC2 which is working fine on this machine.


I am using program SW: ECT to connect and download program in DMC2. 


I am attaching pictures and a short video for more details.


Looking forward to get help from you.


Kind Regards,





3 Answers

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This product was out of Sweden and from the manual it's circa 20 years ago.

The address I have on record is as follows but the website address is defunct.


You can download the manual at the following link.

The manual has a RS232 pinout.

I don't know this product but with legacy products I often see a couple of potential issues:

1) Cable pinout is wrong.

2) A new version of Windows OS is used or Virtual Machine on very old software that was never intended to be used on a new OS.

3) The communications may not work via a USB to Serial Converter and a true RS232 serial port on PC is required.


I hope this helps!




Many thanks for you reply.
I am using Dell Latitude and WindowsXP to avoid points 2 and 3 mentioned by you.
Thank you once again

IRFAN80 - Fri, 01/29/2021 - 04:34
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Thank you toddevans01 for your reply

I agree with your 3 points, and I have experience about these problems. This is the reason I am still using windowsXP OS.

As far as this problem is concerned the CPU OK light must be steady when power is switched ON. I am suspecting these two points.

1. There may be a catch to this issue which I do not know because two drives are giving this alarm. Third drive is OK and had CPU OK light steady (not blinking).

2. There may be some software issue inside drive such as firmware problem which may or may not be fixed.

Since I got these drives from some other equipment I do not know if these drives were working fine before removal.

Any help would be appreciated.



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here is the link for the video of above problem



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