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didier.kuttel's picture
2 days 19 hours ago

WorkBench (version ≥ has some accessible parameters to tweak the way data are exchanged with the drive. Keywords sent to the drive and answers returned will be grouped together to build bigger packets of data. This is particularly helpful on networks with high latency. It is also useful for slowing down the polling interval to avoid overloading the communication channel on slower networks.

Ann Pater's picture
Ann Pater
3 weeks 12 hours ago

Implementation of STO Inputs

There are two types of STO input in common use today:

  1. DC-DC Type: isolated STO input based on using a DC-DC converter to power the date driver circuitry. 
  2. O-C Type: opto-isolated input of a drive that acts upon the gate driver circuit.

Here is a simplified drawing of an O-C Type input:


bill west's picture
bill west
1 month 2 weeks ago

How does an observer work?

The observer will create an estimate of system velocity that is derived from the measured Velocity Feedback and the integral of the Current command. The velocity estimate is frequency-dependent. At frequencies below the observer bandwidth the estimate is determined by the measured feedback and at frequencies above the observer bandwidth, it will be determined by the integral of the current command and will be a combination of the 2 at the observer bandwidth.

toddevans01's picture
1 month 2 weeks ago

This application note demonstrates configuration and addressing for Modbus TCP communications using a Trio Motion Controller to AKD1G.

The application notes is an example only and the implementation and verification of proper operation of the application and system is the programmer's responsibility