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dusty.schafer's picture
3 weeks 2 days ago

New features include:

  • Enhanced AKD2G Drive Integration
  • Map EtherCAT feedback to PLCopen Digitizing Axis
  • Multiple IDE Instances
  • IDE Ease-of-Use Enhancements:
  • Elastic Search capability in On-Line help

See the article for more information.

Leonardo Souza's picture
Leonardo Souza
3 weeks 4 days ago

Em aplicações rotativas com encoders absolutos multivoltas é possível que o controlador perca a contagem do número de voltas. Se a máquina usa um redutor com redução de acoplamento não binária (Ex. 3:1), o periodo da máquina não é um divisor inteiro se comparado com o periodo do encoder, possibilitando que posição de feedback não seja a mesma após desligar e ligar a máquina.

Leonardo Souza's picture
Leonardo Souza
3 weeks 4 days ago

On a rotary application with absolute multi-turn feedback, it's possible to run over the feedback unwind. If the machine has a non-binary gear ration (e.g. 3:1), its period is not an integer divisor of the encoder period, allowing the position to not be the same after a power cycle. In other words, it may be shifted by the fraction of the ratio.

jcoleman02's picture
3 weeks 5 days ago
The touch probe feature of EtherCAT is simply a position capture.  In fact, it uses the position capture feature in the AKD.  When touch probe is set up and enabled, it automatically configures and arms the AKD’s position capture.  There are two touch probes available, corresponding to CAP0 and CAP1 in the AKD.  Each touch probe is configurable to use the positive edge, negative edge, or both.  There is a status word indicating the enable status of each Touch Probe and whether each edge has been triggered.