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Leonardo Souza's picture
Leonardo Souza
1 week 1 day ago

Esse documento descreve como usar o compartilhamento do barramento DC (X3) nos drives AKD e AKD-C. Válido para os modelos de AKD HV3 a HV24 e AKD-C.

O link do barramento DC pode ser conectado em paralelo para que a potência de regeneração seja dividida entre todos os drives que estão conectados ao mesmo circuito de barramento DC. Todos os drives precisam ter a sua conexão de alimentação de tensão, quando o link do barramento DC estiver sendo utilizado. Os drives geradores de energia devem ser colocados ao lado dos drives que requerem energia para ajudar a reduzir o fluxo de corrente em longas distâncias.

C Wontrop's picture
C Wontrop
1 week 4 days ago

Starting with a project template saves the user development time. KAS Project Starter Templates contain:

  • code for programming motion and machine code
  • an internal control panel for developing and debugging programs
  • a HMI program to use with the Kollmorgen AKI HMI’s.

The user can then build on this foundation to complete their application. The following video reviews key features in the KAS project starting template.

Joe Parks's picture
Joe Parks
1 week 5 days ago

Starting with the 3.04 release of KAS there are PLC function blocks to send or receive data with TCP/IP communication. The below video goes through the two attached sample programs. One is a program with TCP/IP receive function blocks that in the video is run on a PDMM controller. The other has TCP/IP send function blocks and is run on the simulator on a development computer.

Stefano Giacomelli's picture
Stefano Giacomelli
2 weeks 5 days ago

This article provides a simple example of receiving data via TCP. 

  1. Import the attached program.
  2. Set EN_CONNECTION=true

The KAS system now listens for TCP connections from a remote device.

When the connection is established the device can send strings to the KAS IDE.