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Digital input invert set via CANopen bus ?

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Can the Invert selection on the Digital inputs be changed over the CANopen bus I have found all the other parameters just not this one.

Thanks for any help



2 Answers

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The firmware team responded:

The object 3473h sub 2 holds the inversion mask for all inputs. It is accessible via SDO only.


I want to emphasize again not all drive parameters are in the CAN object dictionary.


I hope this helps!





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I don't see any evidence the DINx.INV parameters are mapped to CANopen objects in the object dictionary.

I'll confirm with engineering and let you know.

Usually you set these values up using Workbench and set it and forget it.

Why would you need to access them over CANopen?


Hi there.

Q:- Why would you need to access them over CANopen?

A;- So you can just drop a new drive into a system and never have to bother with Workbench at all..

So my question is why would you not? all the other settings are available just not this one.. ?
As a side note do you know where the Dummy write register is on the can open bus.. I can find it in the manual and x2100 00 is unmappable.

Wishing you well
Thanks for the reply

Adam Phipps - Sat, 12/19/2020 - 02:23

There are also other drive parameters not mapped to CANopen objects. I don't have an exhaustive list but there are others.

I'll take a look at your Dummy register question.

toddevans01 - Mon, 12/21/2020 - 05:10
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