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Differences between target position and command position upon KAS System.

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Currently, I'm using the PLCOpen Engine for motion in KAS. The motion sequence is very simple as follows;
    1. start a velocity motion continuously by MC_MoveVelocity block.
    2. stop to a given target position by MC_MoveAbsolute block.
     Additionally, for stopping to a given target position, I used the electric gear between virtual axis and real axis. 
     Rollover Position  parameter are ;
           - Virtual Axis : 36000
           - Real Axis    : 360

So, after step 2, I checked the target position used to MC_MoveAbsolute(..) block and command position from MC_ReadParam(..) block during long time.

At this point, the command position is shifted to negative direction every times like a below tables. the shift value is almost -0.0000188483 per hour.
    <Table Names>
         - Time : Stop and Read position Time.
         - CmdPos2 : Command Position by MC_ReadParam(..) block
         - Target Position : absolute target position
         - Master Position : Virtual Position by MC_ReadParam(..) block
         - PL.CMD : AKD Command Position by DriveParamRead(..)



I'd like to know what is cause and how to fix it.


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