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Differences Between Single-Channel STO and Dual-Channel STO S700 Drives

This article will help you understand the differences between older S700 (S701-724) drives with single-channel STO and newer dual-channel STO S700 drives. 

As of July 2015 the S700 drives came standard with dual-channel STO. The dual-channel S700 can be operated in single-channel mode without any restrictions. The STO inputs must be jumpered between X4A/3 and X4B/6.

  Current Version Old Version
Hardware Version v 2.20 image v 2.10 image
Firmware Version v 5.18_ND0 and later v 5.15 and earlier
STO Dual-channel Single-channel
Dual Use Non Dual Use, not export controlled Dual Use AL-3A225, export controlled
TUV Certified No
Safety Card Yes No
Wiring image image