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3 hours 22 min ago

Commutation is the means by which a servo drive controls the torque of a motor by determining the position of the motor and applying current to the appropriate motor phases.  If the rotor position of the motor is not determined correctly or the motor power phase wires are wired to the wrong terminals, the drive will apply current to the wrong phase at the wrong time (or at the wrong rotor position).  This will cause the motor to run away or lock up.

toddevans01's picture
3 hours 57 min ago

The attached Excel spreadsheet provides quick look up charts and explanations grouped by topics and tabs

for AKD1G CANopen communications. 

toddevans01's picture
3 days 3 hours ago

The following summarizes the 2 types of torque scalings for AKD1G EtherCAT and CANopen.

See the attached document for a full application note.





toddevans01's picture
1 week 1 day ago


Profile Torque

AKD EtherCAT and CANopen Torque Scaling

Profile Velocity

Position Scaling (in multiple modes of operation ) Overview