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Deliver Virtual Master Position to two or more PCMM using Pipe Network

If two or more PCMM networks have to follow the same position set point, it's possible to use the following strategy.

The image below shows a typical configuration where all the AKD drives must follow the same position set point:


Orange connection is a physical pin-to-pin cable between X9 ports (encoder like wiring).

The strategy consists to declare one MASTER within the PCMM 1 program and sent its output to X9 port of one AKD (like an encoder emulation), e.g. the AKD 1_3.

On the other side to declare one SAMPLER connected to the X9 input port of one AKD of the PCMM 2 (like an encoder reading).

The corresponding Pipe Networks appear like thus for PCMM 1:


and for PCMM 2:


CONVERTOR1 must be connected to PDO 0x3499/0 (DRV.EMUESTEPCMD) added to the pdo configuration of the drive AKD1_3.

That may be done in this way:


AKD1_3 must have the following additional setting:

  • DRV.EMUERES 16384

With this setting each single step of MASTER output will be a square wave step to X9 output port.

For increasing the resolution of the emulation it's possible to set up the GEAR1 gain to a proper value.

e.g. if MASTER MODULO_POSITON=360 the GEAR1 RATIO can be 100.0 for getting 36000 count each MASTER modulo.

REMARK: the position data flow to CONVERTOR1 must not be affected by modulo, so DERIVATOR1 and INTEGRAL1 have been used to remove it.

DELAY pipe block is used to compensate the delay of position data coming to PCMM 2 network delaying the position data flow to PCMM 1 network.

The emulation can be read by the SAMPLER of PCMM 2:


AKD2_1 must have the following setting:

  • FB2.SOURCE 1
  • FB2.MODE 0
  • FB2.ENCRES 36000



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This article gave me an option for a new application which have 78 axes.
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