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Connecting Xenus to AKM - Feedback Pinouts

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I have a customer that is having an issue getting feedback from the Xenus XTL drive/controller that is connected to an AKM23F. The motors has a 1024 LPR encoder and we went through the process of wiring it. The connection is pretty straight forward, we believe the pinout we selected is incorrect. Below, we selected the "Encoder/Hall Function" and matched the pinouts to the J8 inputs. Not sure is I should pick the "Motor Wire" or "Cable Wire", what are the differences between them?

pinouts.JPGeve the problemxenus.JPG can be the pinouts we selected. 


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So just to verify you have p/n: AKM23F-xxxx1-00 (the -1- being the 1024LPR encoder)? What cable set p/n do you have for the encoder to verify wire color and pin out? Which did you wire up and try (cable wire or motor wire)?

In regards to motor wire vs cable wire I believe the motor wire is the color code you would see between the encoder and the physical connector on the motor (should not be visible as it is internal to the motor). The cable wire colors should be the actual wires connecting to the drive as they connect to the motor wires through the connector on the motor.

A good way to check is to see what actual wire colors you have available coming out from the encoder cable as they do not appear to be the same scheme as the motor wires (ie. all the encoder differential wires on the motor wire have a black stripe where as the cable wire has only white stripes). If you do not have either scheme definitely post all part numbers associated so we can verify whats going on.

I also have the B8000 AKM wire color code that appears to be exactly what you have posted so if everything checks out I would try the cable wire color code. Did you get any errors when you tried to start the motor with the current wiring you did, any strange motor behavior resulting form the wiring?


Here is the part number: AKM23F-ANCN1-00

We did not order a cable set, the customer cut the connector from the motor to use it's wire leads and we used the "Motor Wire". I also understand the motor and cable connector mate to their corresponding pins, in this case we are only using the motor wire leads and connecting it directly to the drive.

The customer did get some warning/faults. I will get that information soon. The motor has not been programmed to move yet since we can't figure out why we can't read feedback still. I will keep you updated with this issue. I might be the drive.


eflores90 - Thu, 02/26/2015 - 09:21
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