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TBM2G Problem | 14 Jul 2023 | |

TBM2G Problem

Many of my customers have the same confuse about our TBM2G data sheet. I can not give them a certain answer.

Image removed.Image removed.

We know that as the temperature rising the motor continue torque will decrease. When the motor is running extra heat will decrease motor performance.

However in our TBM2G selection manual, we have two sets of data with rising temperature.

Image removed.

We can see that when temp rise at 155°c our rated torque increasing from 0.19Nm to 0.27Nm. That's really weird. Is that mean our motor can provide more torque when the winding at a high temperature rising? Our customer asked that problem for several times. 

My guessing is motor needs greater power running to have a higher temperature rising balance like 155°c. So the rated torque is higher. 

But that caused many problem, they will doubt about our selection. ( We always select motor base on performance curve) 

Can you tell me which data should I trust?


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