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Motor Control Issues: Kollmorgen AKM33H-ACCN2-00, S310 Servo Driver, and A/D Board Compatibility | 03 Jun 2023 | |

Motor Control Issues: Kollmorgen AKM33H-ACCN2-00, S310 Servo Driver, and A/D Board Compatibility

I'm reaching out to discuss an issue I'm experiencing with the Kollmorgen AKM33H-ACCN2-00 motor and the S310 servo driver by Kollmorgen. My goal is to control the motor using an A/D board, specifically the National USB-6211.

When I send a constant value to the analog input of the servo driver (ANALOG 1+) using AO0 of the A/D board, the motor does not run at a constant speed. However, if I send a sine wave using a LabVIEW program, the motor starts oscillating backward and forward.

I want to control the motor using the 'Analog Torque' mode (OPMODE in DriveGUI), but it seems that when I send the command, something is causing the motor to block, even when there is no load applied.

I would appreciate any suggestions or solutions to address this issue. Additionally, if there are any settings in the DriveGUI that I may have configured incorrectly, please let me know. Please find attached the image of the electronic circuit comprising the servo driver, A/D board, and the switching power supply (+24V). 

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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jcoleman02 | Tue, 06/06/2023 - 17:22

When the drive is in torque mode, the drive only controls current in the motor to produce torque.  It does not control speed or position.  The motor will cog as it passes each pole, so the speed will vary depending on the detent cogging torque.  This may be the reason the motor is stopping.  With large loads and higher current, the torque will rise well above the cogging torque and the cogging will become less noticeable. 

If you want to control speed, put the drive in Velocity mode.  Here, the drive will control the motor torque (current) that is necessary to control speed.  For velocity and position modes, you will need to tune the drive to get optimal performance.

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