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Linear Motor Analog Control | 09 Jun 2023 | |

Linear Motor Analog Control


Thank you to jcoleman02 for his support on my previous post. We have tried contacting the customer support a lot of times but to no avail :(

I wanted to ask about encoder resolution. Since we are using a quadrature incremental encoder for position feedback with 2.5um resolution, in the feedback 1 value, we should select in workbench should be 12800 lines/pitch or 12800 counts/pitch? I think it should be 12800 lines/pitch? 

Also regarding your comments on encoder emulation, we cannot figure out which Emulation Mode to select? and what emulation resolution to select? Is there a formula for that? If you could help us out on this, It would be really nice. I am attaching the encoder datasheet to the post as well that we are using.

Also the motion controller that we use is galil like I said before. 

The incremental encoder model number is Magnetic Linear Incremental Encoder MLIP 250 T10 LD B5 1Z V1 2M5

Thank you

Comments & Answers

jcoleman02 | Fri, 06/09/2023 - 13:48

2.5um per 32mm pole-pair is 12800 lines/pole-pair pitch (lines are pre-quadrature).

The EEO is independent of your linear encoder on your motor.  The EEO is an AquadB encoder signal generated by the drive that follows the position feedback of the drive.  Use DRV.EMUEMODE = 1 or 2 or 12, depending on how you want the index pulse to be generated.  If you aren't using the index pulse, then any of those settings will work.  Set the EEO resolution (DRV.EMUERES) in lines per pole-pair (32mm pitch) to anything you want.  Just keep in mind that you want a high enough resolution to give the Galil high resolution feedback, and not so high that it exceeds the 3MHz limit (pre-quad lines per second) when the motor moves.

I contacted our applications engineers in Turkey and they are happy to help you.  Please contact them directly.

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