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kollmorgen VLM21C-CLNC-30 WIRING | 18 May 2023 | |

kollmorgen VLM21C-CLNC-30 WIRING

Can someone tell me how I can obtain a feedback cable for a Kollmorgen VLM21C-CLNC-30 motor ? It is a flat push-pull female connector with four pins with a 1mm pitch with the wire having open ends to be wired to a terminal block in the field. If someone could please tell me the manufacturer of the connector bodies , I can assemble my own cable ( wire harness ) the plastic connector body is the only broken part and will not allow me to attach it to the board at the tail end of the motor.

Kollmorgen board.jpg (1021.89 KB)

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jcoleman02 | Fri, 05/26/2023 - 13:09

The "L" connector option is for "Unterminated Shielded Cable" (3 meter shielded cables coming out of the motor, with flying leads on the end).  There is no connector supplied on the end of the 3 meter cables.  The VLM Selection Guide (catalog) shows the wire color codes.

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