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Homed reference point retained during power down? | 10 Aug 2023 | |

Homed reference point retained during power down?

Hello KDN,

We have an interesting application where a client wants to issue a non-motion based home command (similar to Home Mode 0) and then that reference point will continue to be retained in the drive moving forward.  So on subsequent power ups the reference point that was set as home will continued to be retained so homing does not need to be performed upon start up.  

As it currently works in the AKD2G, if Mode 0 is used, is the homed reference point retained in the drive after power down?

Secondly, I'm unsure how exactly mode 13 " Absolute Mode - Use Feedback Position" works.  If this mode is configured does that mean that Upon START UP the Axis is "homed" and set to zero?  So essentially is it like Mode 0 but occurs upon start up?


The customer is interested in a AKD2G Drive and a ST Absolute motor.  

Comments & Answers

jcoleman02 | Thu, 08/10/2023 - 19:51

The home offset that is automatically set by the homing feature upon completion of the homing (AXIS#.HOME.OFFSET) is automatically saved to NV memory immediately after homing is completed.  It will be retained through a power cycle.

Home mode 0: the position is set to AXIS#.HOME.P, and AXIS#.HOME.OFFSET is calculated and saved.

Home mode 13: the position is set to the position value of the absolute feedback device (resolver, SFD, SFD3, absolute encoder).  Essentially, the position doesn't change, and the "home found" and "home done" bits are set.  The drive uses the absolute feedback device's position for reference.

To make the drive retain the homed state (home found and home done bits true) upon bootup, set AXIS#.HOME.SINGLETURNMODE = 1 (the default is 0).

If using a multiturn absolute feedback device, homing is not required. Set AXIS#.HOME.MULTITURNMODE = 1 and use AXIS#.PL.OFFSET to align the axis.  You can use this method or the "singleturnmode" method listed above. Either will work. 

njandroep | Fri, 08/11/2023 - 16:49

Thank you.  That was very clear.  

Good to know that the homing offset is retained in NV memory and retained :)

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