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Feature Request - KAS IDE | 16 Aug 2023 | |

Feature Request - KAS IDE


Some features that would make the KAS IDE more user friendly are below.  These features would increase productivity and make the software more enjoyable - making the PDMM programming experience more palatable.

1. In the Dictionary window PLEASE add a feature that allow uses to multiselect/highly multiple variables and drag them to other programs, the retain group, global variables group, etc...

2. Constantly closing and opening the KVB software so that variables are imported from the IDE is a nuisance.  When programming on the fly or adding new features to my IDE program I'm required to constantly opening and close KVB to update my HMI program.  Please include a feature that allows KVB to pull variables from the IDE without having to restart the program. 

3. If a var is already created and declared in a program please add a feature that will allow users to edit where the variable is declared.  It should also be possible to highlight multiple variables declared in multiple programs and edit which location they should be declared in.  For example, if I have 4 vars declared across 2 programs, I should be able to highlight them all in the Dictionary window, right click, edit and declare that they should now reside in the Global Vars window.


Thank you 

Comments & Answers

Joe Parks | Wed, 08/16/2023 - 18:10

Thank you for the feedback. There is a feature already included in the product but a little hidden behind a right click menu that might fix some of these issues you have reported. If you right click a section of the dictionary you can choose to "Edit variables as text" which brings up all the information on that section of the dictionary in a text editor. You can then more quickly make changes to multiple variables, or cut/copy multiple of them in order to paste into a different section or a different program.

njandroep | Wed, 08/16/2023 - 18:37

Thanks Joe.  I see that feature you mentioned - it seems to be a work around, not as streamlined as the features suggested above.  In my humble opinion, the features mentioned above would be great appreciated and increase efficiency.   


Thank you :)

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