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AKD-P / Hilscher CIFX 50E-RE connection issue | 08 Jun 2023 | |

AKD-P / Hilscher CIFX 50E-RE connection issue

I'm trying to connect between AKD-P and Hilscher CIFX 50E-RE. software for establishing connections) recognizes a device but doesn't know what it is.
I assigned AKD.xml for a configuration file into a cifX driver but it still doesn't work.
In the 'verified EtherCAT masters', Hilscher CIFX V4 compatibles with AKD-P
Is there any landing page or walkthrough about using Hilscher products with AKD-P? Or assigning and recognizing an AKD-P in Hilscher CIFX 50E?
Thank you in advance.

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Comments & Answers

jcoleman02 | Thu, 06/08/2023 - 13:07

We do not have any detailed information regarding how to set up a Hilscher EtherCAT master.  We have other customers using Hilscher for EtherCAT with the AKD drive, but I don't know which model controllers they use or any information about it.

The ESI file (xml) should be all that you need in the master for it to identify the AKD drive.

Make sure you have an EtherCAT-capable AKD drive, with model number options EC or CC.  If you have a "CC" option, make sure it's configured for EtherCAT (as it can be either CANopen or EtherCAT).

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