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AKD DRV.NVCHECK | 03 May 2023 | |


DRV.NVCHECK is a handy way to confirm that the non-volatile parameters are the values you expect them to be. Couple of questions on it:

  1. Is there a list of parameters that the checksum includes? It looks like it might be the same set that the Parameter Load/Save feature uses, but confirmation would be appreciated.
  2. The checksum appears to be calculated from the parameters' current values in RAM and not what's saved in non-volatile memory, so there's no reason to issue DRV.NVSAVE first. Is that correct?


Comments & Answers

jcoleman02 | Wed, 05/03/2023 - 16:54

DRV.NVLIST lists all the parameters that are saved in NV memory for that particular AKD or AKD2G drive.

It does appear that the checksum value from DRV.NVCHECK is calculated based on parameter values in RAM.  So DRV.NVSAVE is not required prior to running DRV.NVCHECK.  If you change a parameter value and don't save it, it will revert to the value in NV upon a reboot.  If you are writing to parameter values from a master as a recipe after every bootup, then saving with DRV.NVSAVE is not necessarily required.

If you change a parameter value and want to go back to what was last saved to NV, you can either reboot the drive or use DRV.NVLOAD.

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