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AKD Drive with Renishaw Linear encoder | 26 Jul 2023 | |

AKD Drive with Renishaw Linear encoder

HI, I have an AKD-P00306-NBEI-0000 drive with an AKM23E-ANBNAB00 and an external renishaw RL32BBT050B30F linear encoder with a 500mm long 30um pitch scale.  Do I configure the drive as a rotary motor or a linear motor?  I see the encoder resolution from the manual for RL32B is (pole pitch/encoder resolution)*2^(32-BISSBITS).  Is the pole pitch in the equation for the motor or the encoder scale? If its motor ptich then where do i find that for a rotary motor?

I have tried several combinations and cant get the motor to move.  The system works fine if I use the built in encoder on the motor so I know this is some kind of configuration/scaling issue in the drive.

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jcoleman02 | Wed, 07/26/2023 - 18:54

The AKM is a rotary motor, therefore the drive must be configured for a rotary motor.  Your AKM motor has a BiSS encoder (rotary).  The AKD drive only supports BiSS on the X10 feedback port, therefore you must connect the AKM motor's feedback to X10.  The X9 port can be used for external encoder feedback (to close position loop), but it is limited to AquadB or Endat 2.2 Digital-only feedback types.  If your linear encoder is BiSS, then you can't use it on the AKD drive along with your AKM motor.  The encoder in the motor is required for commutation at least.

You could switch to an AKD2G drive with multiple ports supporting BiSS encoder feedback.  Then you can use the motor's encoder for commutation and velocity loop, and use the linear encoder to close position loop.

Or you could get a linear encoder that is AquadB incremental and wire it to the AKD's X9 port.  Then set the position loop feedback source to X9 for the linear encoder to close the position loop.

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