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Would be nice to have a COM API that would work with PDMM and AKD to make things easier to write microsoft .net front ends.


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C Wontrop
Ryan, the AKD-PDMM and the  AKD base product have different com interfaces. For the PDMM,  among others we have UDP and HTTP. There is information in the manual on these as well as a couple application notes. See these section of the IDE  manual: Technical References > Reading and Writing PLC Variables Via HTTP Interface  Technical References > Programming Languages > PLC Standard Libraries > UDP Functions for PDMM/PCMM & Simulator What exactly do you envision sending through the com link?
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Some manufacturers have these COM libraries.  As a matter of fact if you open up visual studio and search under COM references there are a lot of industrial automation manufacturers that have these libraries available.   What I was thinking that it could be used for was to easily write/read a variable name.  An example of something like this would be GetVariable("Variable_Name").  Or  another example I had in mind would be retrieving feedback variables directly.  So a function like GetFeedbackPosition(Axis_Num).  Also accessing controller functions like alarm status, system status variables, ethercat status variables, ethercat I/O status, etc. I was aware of the UDP support but a COM library would nicely streamline the development for .net developers.