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Cogging suppresion

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I am here again. I need small help with my linear axis setup please. I have S343 hw03.01 and sw3.89 now, the newest as possible for my hardware. I have connected position loop with 1Vpp encoder scale with double shielded cable with ferromagnetic cores at both ends. I run AKM44E motor with 2-poles resolver on it. This assembly powers up linear axis via ballscrew with single ballnut. Single ball nut means it has backlash. It runs in electronic gearing mode.

After last configuration and autotunnig it started oscillating when it does not move. It is oscillating in field od 3 degres at motor shaft and 0,01mm in linear axis. I tried turn on cogging compensation in motor sections but it did not help. I tried reduce bandwidth from default 600 to 300 but without change. 

I can upload my configuration file from driveGUI if somebody can recognize problem in my setup. 

Many thanks for any help,

Sincerely Ladislav


Hello ladislav, Please send your file to European technical support.

I Gibb - Thu, 02/11/2021 - 02:20
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