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Clearing an AKD-C Power Supply Fault from a PxMM Application Program

Method 1: Add CPS.Control Object 3000 to the PDO mappings



Then map the Object to a Dictionary variable in the project. Example below shows mapping  CPS.Controls to a PLC variable named CPSControl


The error is then cleared by transitioning CPSControl from 1 to 0 in a program. Example: in the ST programming language 

CPSControl := 1;


Method 2: Use the  ECATWriteSdo  function block

Example:in the FFLD programming language. INT#12288 = 16x3000




Note: Choose only one Method: 1 or 2. Method 1 with the PDO mapping which is updated each EtherCAT cycle can affect the ability of the ECATWriteSDo function block to clear the fault.